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The Ka-52 “Alligator” is a next-generation “Reconnaissance and combat helicopter”. Ka-52 is a twin-seat,side by side variant of the Ka-50 attack helicopter.it is an all-weather attack helicopter operated by the Russian Air Force. Developed by Kamov Design Bureau







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  • The Main fact  The Ka-52 is equipped with a distinctive co axial rotor system that enables incredible maneuvering. The chopper can perform aerobatic maneuvers that are beyond the capability of other helicopters.
  • The helicopter with Ejection seats,like it’s predecessor KA 50.When ejected the co-axial rotor blades and canopy  are cut off immediately and both pilots are ejected out (K-37-800M shock-absorbing ejection system).
  • No special equipment require for maintenance and can be done by crew only when isolated from base.
  • Can fire targets up to 8 km range.
  • State of the art avionics,communication and data transfer system.
  • Can use as Reconnaissance  or attack


The modern glass cockpit is equipped with a head-up-display (HUD), four SMD 66 multifunction displays, helmet-mounted sight display, image intensifiers and a GPS receiver.multi-level digital computer-based system The helicopter also integrates a PHAZATRON cabin desk radio-locator and navigation and attack system for helicopters (NASH).

The Hokum-B has a battlefield management system. It can exchange data with with similar helicopters or other helicopter types, as well as third party sources. This helicopter is also intended as an aerial command post for a group of helicopters. It provides target detection and coordinates the attacks



Ka 52 Engine and Performance

Ka 52 is Powered by 2 VK 2500 turboshaft engines, producing power of 2200 shp each.

Max Speed           : 310km/h

Cruise speed        : 250km/h

Lateral speed       : 80km/h

Cimb rate            : 12m/s

Flight range         : 520km


Armor of the Alligator withstands hits from 23-mm projectiles


Front fuselage is fitted with a NPPU-80 movable gun mount installed with 2A42 30mm automatic gun. The six wing-mounted external hardpoints can be attached with different combinations of weapons.

2×6 VIKHR anti-tank guided missiles (has range up to 8-10km).

2 x B-8V-20 blocks of unguided S-8 rockets of 80mm calibre

KH 25 family of air to air missiles.

can be armed with IGLA-V anti-aircraft guided missiles.


Ka 52 helicopters are of very high performance, turning ability and firing power assured by an enormous arsenal of weaponry.The flight test of Ka 52 have started at march 2016.It’s the best rival rival to AH-64 Apache and may be it can overpower Apache in skies and keep the Reign.