Health is the greatest assets a person possesses. It is an important gift by nature to us. Health is precious and every one must look after it carefully. Diseases are the worst enemies of good health.Prevention implies ‘to stop doing something’. Cure means ‘to find a solution’.  “Cure is a solution for the danger or evil which has already engulfed him. Hence, prevention is better than cure.




If we get a disease, which was preventable and we didn’t care about .we will go to hospital and have some treatment and take medicines which may be costly,and it will take time recover from ailment. Disease may also damage our body organs.The truth contained in this proverb holds well in any sphere of life. We will need time to regain our normal HEALTH and ENERGY


If one is a student, it is better to study regularly. If one ignores one’s lessons in the early stages so as to work hard during the examination days, one is in for trouble. One’s early carelessness can cost one success in the examination. One should study tiie lessons regularly in keeping with the requirements of the class, under instructions of the teacher.

if one wants to fare well in the examination. One should prevent failure than face the failure and try hard to overcome it. One may have to hire a costly tutor or lose one’s health—physical and mental—to recoup the lost time. Neglecting our studies throughout the year and then studying with a nervous heart when exams are around the corner indicates the truth in this proverb. SO Prevention is better than cure.


Self medication must be avoided. We must prevent any disease from attacking us by eating nutritious food and building up our resistance to such diseases causing bacteria. Regular exercise, plenty of fresh filtered water, fruits, etc. can be used to prevent diseases from coming close to us. We must be careful about the cleanliness of the water we drink because many diseases are borne by water. Sugar and salt must always be taken in limited amounts and we should stay away from spicy and fried food.

One must make all these efforts of protecting oneself from disease.


The principle also holds good in the matter of building good habits. If a person wants to develop good habits he must lay a sound foundation for them. To keep to the morals and principles of good character, it is desirable to avoid bad habits of drinking, smoking, etc. Once” one starts on the wrong lines, there is no end to the dirty ways. It is always better to avoid dirty habits from early childhood. We should nip the evil in the bud from the very beginning.